Expression language

Supported operators

1. Arithmetic operators


order.getTotalSumm() * 0.01 # 1% of order sum

2. Comparison operators


order.getStatus().getGroupCode() == "approval" # order status in group "Approval" 
order.getDeliveryCost() <= 500 # delivery cost is less or equally 500 
order.getSource().getThisName() matches "/yandex/" # order, which has "yandex" in the source

3. Logical operators


order.getDeliveryCost() < 250 and not changeSet.hasChangedField("status") # delivery cost is less than 250 and order status has not been changed

4. Operators working with arrays


changeSet.hasChangedField("status") and changeSet.getNewValue("status").getGroupCode() in ["complete", "cancel"] # order status has been changed for status of group "Complete" or "Cancel"

Available functions

Working with data

Auxiliary functions

Available filters

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