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Integration with recommendation service via API

Registration and configuration of the recommendation service

For registration and configuration of the recommendation service, you should use the method POST /api/v5/integration-modules/{code}/edit. If module with the code {code} already exists, the method changes its settings, otherwise a new integration module of the recommendation service is created. Current parameters of the module can be viewed using the method GET /api/v5/integration-modules/{code}.

To register the service, it is necessary to specify the name integrationModule[name], the code integrationModule[code], the base URL integrationModule[baseUrl] and the client ID integrationModule[clientId] . The client ID is required for the user identification in the warehouse system when making callback requests. Also, you can specify the logo of the recommendation service integrationModule[logo] , which will be displayed in the integration list of Marketplace.

In order to activate callback methods, it is necessary to pass the settings of the required callback method to integrationModule[integrations][recommendation][actions] . You should specify code and url for each method. Query address is created from the base configuration of integrationModule[baseUrl] and url of the particular method.

Available callback methods are below.

Getting a list of product recommendations

For getting the list of recommendations, the system will run the GET request to the method with the recommendation code from integrationModule[integrations][recommendation][actions] array. The following parameters will be added to the method`s url:

The system receives an object with the following fields as a response from the recommendation service:

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