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Сustomer data fetching into the order

In this part you will find description how fetching of customer data works on the order page and on the customer page.

Customer data fetching into the new order

When creating the order for existing customer there is no need to enter all his data into the form by hand, it is enough to enter the first letters or numbers into one of the fields and the system will find suitable variants with these symbols.

Example with phone number:

Choose the necessary customer and all his data will be automatically added to the block Customer.

If the selected customer is the legal entity, then all legal details will also be added to the order.

You can use any phone number format as the searching will be done by numbers in formats: 89261234567, 8(926) 123-45-67, (495) 1234567ext. 123

Important! If change the customer data or delivery address in the order, then changes will be saved only for the current order, data on the customer page will not be changed. In the opposite direction is the same situation, if change the customer data, the data in all his orders will not be changed.

Creating of customer page by the new order data

If the new order was created with customer data entered by hand, the customer card will be created automatically with the same data. Next time when creating the order in system this customer can be found in the customer base.

Important! If choose the customer from the base, then click «As a new customer» and change his data, then there will be created new customer with these data. This feature is convenient for creating the orders with similar customer data, as it replaces the copying of customer card.

Personal customer data and delivery address fetching

If order came from the online-store and has not full customer data, it is possible to add this data using information from the customer base.

It needs to click «Add customer data» and missing data will be added to the order.

If there is no new data, the link «Add customer data» will not be displayed.

In the same way works the function of additional data fetching for delivery address.

Delivery address fetching from the last order to customer page

There is also the feature of fetching on the customer page, it is a delivery address fetching from the last order. For example, the delivery address was changed in the last order and the customer informed that it is not one-time change but now all new orders should be delivered to this address.

Then there is no need to enter the address by hand but fetch it from the last order to customer page.

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