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Binding managers to customers

In this section you can learn what tasks are being solved by mechanisms of binding managers to customers and the ways of this binding

Why bind manager to customer?

Realized in the system mechanisms of binding of managers to customers allows to achieve the following goals:

Increasing of the customers loyalty. Manager task is to build friendly relationship with customer. Agreeing on the orders with the same manager, customer begins to trust him.

Motivation of managers. Motivate managers: the more customers are assigned to manager, the more his salary is.

Achieving the repeated sales. Managers, processing the orders of the same customers, accumulate information about these customers. Received information can be used by managers when processing further orders; they can recommend items relevant to the previous purchase.

Increasing order processing speed. Manager who has already communicated with customer, knows customer`s preferences, so he can faster guess customer`s needs and reduce the time of order processing.

How to bind manager to customer in the system?

It is possible to bind managers to customers by two ways:

1. When creating the customer`s card

You can specify the responsible manager in customer card and all the orders of this customer will be automatically assigned to this manager.


If manager assigned to the customer is not active, then the order will not be assigned to this manager. Depending on order distribution settings, the order will be assigned to the definite manager, which will be accordingly assigned to the customer.

2. When creating the order

In the order card, when manager creates the order, this manager will be automatically assigned to the customer, who made this order.

Features of binding manager to customer, making the repeated purchases:

1) If the order from existing customer appeared in system and if there is a responsible manager in the customer card, then this manager will be assigned to this order.

2) And on the contrary. If manager is already assigned to the order and there is no responsible manager in the customer card, then the same manager will be set in the customer card as in the last order.

3) If there is no responsible manager neither in the customer card nor in the order card (i.e. new order and new customer), then the manager who edited the order, will be assigned to it.

Manager assignment in any case happens after editing of order/customer card after clicking “Save”.

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