Shipment of orders to the delivery service

This subsection displays a list of courier call requests for delivery picking-up. Requests with shipment date less than current date are marked as executed.

If you are integrated with the delivery service DPD, the button "Print the register of DPD shipments" will appear next to the creation of the shipment. You can only specify a shipment date for printed documents.

Please note that if there are no orders, an error will appear.

To create a shipment click the "Create shipment" button.

When you create a shipment, several standard fields will be displayed:

Depending on the delivery method for which the shipment is created, additional fields will be displayed.

Delivery time ranges can be set in the settings.

In block "Shipment details" you can add orders for future shipment. To add orders you need to click the button "Add order".

In the window of adding orders there is a button "Select all", by clicking on which all the filtered orders will be added. After clicking it the window of adding orders will close.

The total number of matched orders is displayed to the right of the button.

In block "Shipment details" added orders will be displayed. The total number of added orders and their total weight are displayed at the bottom of the table.

You can clear the entire list of added orders using the "Clear" button.

After you save a new shipment, it will be automatically sent to the delivery service.

After saving for some of delivery services (for example, DHL), the shipment card will have status "New". In this status it is possible to edit, cancel and delete the shipment via system interface. After changing to the next status these features are not available.

After saving the changes for some deliveries (for example, CDEK), it is not possible to edit, cancel and delete the shipment via system interface.

A shipment is considered to be completed when the shipment date comes.

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