Working with duplicates

It often happens so, that eShop customer forgot his personal account password. Or he just decided to leave a request in feedback form. By that he sometime had been already registered in your shop. As a result it turns out that several contractors are created, but in fact they are the same customer. A desire to have an automatic customer duplicates combining mechanism appears.

System’s got a mechanism of working with customer duplicates. Existence of such a mechanism allows:

How does system duplicates mechanism work?

Duplicates list

Duplicates list is displayed in customer or order card. The system checks email and phone number fields after saving order or customer. The number near the field shows the number of duplicates.

When pressing the number a customer list with similar data is opened in popup window.

You can notice a word “Current” in the right table column, meaning the page of this customer is opened.

Choosing priority customer

As the duplicate list has writings with conflicting fields, then you are offered to look through these fields and choose the priority customer in the message after the list.

Priority customer is chosen below from the dropdown list.

Please note, if the foreground customer’s email is missing, but it is presented in the customer who is to be combined, that email will be used for combined customer. If the foreground customer does not have an email when merging several customers, email will be used only if it is presented in one of the customers from the merging list.

Data combining

After choosing priority customer the system offers to combine the data and connected elements: analytics, calls, SMS, letters, tasks.

After pressing combine selected button there is only one customer left. If another existing customer, just with the similar data, got into the list, simply untick the box with the writing about it and the combining will be made only on ticked writings.

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