Manager page

Let’s have a look on information available on manager in system on the example of a single manager.

Main information on manager

Main manager data are his personal data and key indicators of his work:

Here data are aggregated from system. The number of processed orders, total sales and AOV are calculated atomatically.

“Statistics” block

On the right side of manager page there are diagrams of his indicators depending on period chosen.

Manager statistics has a large-scale mode. If the system got connected telephony, one more diagram will appear - calls diagram. For more details look Manager work analysis.

Ordes, customers, calls “Recent activity” blocks

In this block on the “Orders” tab the list of last orders is shown. These orders are assigned to manager (the number of last orders displayed is limited to 50). Manager can move to these orders.

On the tab “Customers” of “Recent activity” block the last customers assigned to current manager are shown. Here also their activity is displayed (source, number of orders, AOV).

If manager is connected to telephony which was earlier integrated with system, this block will have the third tab “Calls” displayed. More about calls activity in subsection Calls on manager page.

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