Bot for automatic distribution of dialogs

This bot allows to configure flexible settings for automatic distribution of dialogs between managers and bots.

Before activating the module in the “Integration” section, you should create an API key which will be used to send messages. The key is available in the section Administration > Integration > API Access Keys.

Enable all methods of sections: “Integration”, “Customers”, “Users” and “Data books”, when creating the key. An obligatory condition is access to all stores.

Specify your domain and the API key created earlier to connect the bot.

When all required data is entered and saved, the “Settings” block will appear where settings of the bot for automatic distribution of dialogs by managers are configured.

On the page are specified managers to whom dialogs will be distributed, settings for automatic distribution, the maximum number of dialogs which is to be distributed to a manager and fields for automatic reply to customers in certain situations (for example, if the manager is offline).

When activating the setting “Bind to the customer in retailCRM automatically”, the module will try to bind the person who has written to your system to the already existing customer in retailCRM by phone number or Email.

When activating the setting “Create a customer in retailCRM automatically”, the module will create the new customer automatically in case, if there are no hits in the existing database.

There are two available options in the setting “Reassign dialogs of managers with offline status”:

Please note that the setting will be activated 30 seconds after the manager has become unavailable. The dialog will be reassigned to the manager with the “Free” status.

When enabling the setting “Use automatic replies”, fields for entering an automatiс reply will be displayed. Also, it is possible to set up the channels for automatic replies.

Fields of automatic reply to customers are for the following situations:

After the dialog is received, it's time for Bot Distributor to work - the reply you entered previously will be sent to the customer depending on the managers` availability.

Please note that all fields are to be filled in. If any of the fields is empty, changes will not be saved.

Distribution channel is set up below, where one may choose between options: “Manager” or “Bot”. If you choose the “Bot” option, additional field will appear where the responsible bot is selected. If the “Manager” option is chosen, responsible managers only for the selected channel can be specified. This means that messages from the required channels will be distributed only to the selected managers.

By means of API bots it is possible to create your own bot which will reply to the customers automatically according to the prepared script. The thing that the bot can be responsible for the dialogs is specified via API. Only after these settings it will appear in the settings of the Bot Distributor and the later dialogs will be distributed to it.

Click the “Save” button then. The module for automatic distribution of dialogs is activated.

Page last modified on December 10, 2019, at 05:37 PM