Time limits for order statuses

All orders should be processed rapidly. Only doing so you can gain customer loyalty and get maximum income in unit time. Minimum time should be spent on each order being in each status.

Note: time limits for order statuses are not available in demo version of system and not working for orders older than 3 months.

System has an instrument for limiting status time.

Note: time limits for order statuses are not considered in non-working time.

Working time settings are in Administration > Settings > Settings, fields "Working time" and "Non-working dates".

For example, the order should stay not more than 30 minutes in “New” status, as its shown on the screenshot below.

If the order stays in “New” status for a long time (more than 30 minutes in our case), the system will automatically notify the manager about it.

Note: in case, if you don`t need time limits setting, set the timer as 0 (0 days, 00 hours, 00 minutes).

This notification is made for manager, for him not to forget about the order. This is also a signal for directors, that either manager is overwhelmed with orders and the part of orders should be given to other managers, or the exact manager has a slow rate of work and his salary needs to be reduced.

Simultaneously with creation of notification, the order gets “Expired” mark automatically. Directors can filter orders by “Expired” mark and see the situation with such orders.

Pay attention, that status expiration is being checked every 2 minutes, therefore a delay of setting the mark is possible within this interval.

Let’s make one more example: to set 5 day limit for the status “Waiting for item”. If the item hasn’t arrived for complectation upon the expiry of this term, the customer needs to be notified about the delivery delay, or offered to deliver only part of the order.

At the same time it is a signal that the situation with delivery from the supplier needs to be checked.

As the result of work with status limits you can predict the time of moving from one status to the other, make margin and set optimized time limits for all statuses.

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