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Filter templates for orders searching

In this part we will dwell upon filtration form by orders list parameters and how to save filter templates. Filter template is the set of selected parameters in filtration form.

Why is it convenient?

The manager doesn`t need to waste time for filter setting when working with definite order type or with definite store, or only with expensive orders. He can process orders faster just saving the template.

How to save template?

1. In order for these values to be left permanent, first you need to select all values in filter form needed for the template. In the example below template will have the following values: manager Evans Zoe and “testcouk” store. You may see result after clicking “Apply”.

2. Then click “Save template”. You will see form for template name.

3. After name saving the new template will appear available for selection.

Switching and editing of template list

To switch between templates it is enough to click the template name. After clicking it the filter will be loaded immediately.

To edit list click the link with corresponding name. In the editing form you can delete one or more templates.

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