Preview and test sending


When you open the preview window, you can test send emails to specific mailboxes, which you can specify manually or select from existing customers.

The preview window opens in full screen and shows you what the email will look like on the desktop and in the mobile version of the email service.

Test sending

Note: You can test-send from all sections where a preview of the email is available, except for customer and order cards.

Test sending an email or SMS will allow you to determine deliverability, view the layout in the mailbox, and check the substitution of macro (variables) values.

When you click on the test sending button, an area will open allowing you to insert an email address. Multiple addresses can be specified.

Addresses can be entered manually using any separator symbol, or selected from an existing email from the customer base.

If you repeatedly add the same addresses, the system will remember them and will offer them as an option for quick substitution in subsequent tests.

Important! Test emails are subject to charges and will be deducted from your pre-purchased email package.

Preview on behalf of the customer

During a test, it is possible to view the email on behalf of a specific customer with the substitution of macro (variables) values.

To do this, in the "View on behalf of the contact" field, start entering the data of an existing customer from the database. Select the required customer from the list that appears.

If the field is left blank, the substitution of macros will occur for each selected address.

When you click on the "Random customer" link, the data of a random customer will be pulled from the database.

When you click on the "Test customer" link in the "View on behalf of the contact" field, the "Test customer" name will be pulled. We recommend that you create a customer with a similar name in the database in order to immediately "bind".

For test sending, the sender name and address will be substituted as for regular mailing; if a store is specified in the addressee's card, then on behalf of the store/on behalf of the name default.

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