Product groups

Product groups list

To turn on product groups displaying you need to go to section Administration -> Settings -> Warehouse and turn on “Allow catalogue editing” function.

You can control directory tree on page Activity > Warehouse > Product groups.

You can move lines and in this way change directory group order.

“Folder” icon means that this group has subgroups. The number nearby shows the number of subgroups.

If you press “folder” or number of groups, the list of subgroups will open.

You can return to root directory pressing the line where directory path is.

If you press group or subgroup name, group editing page will open.

Creating and editing product groups

To create product group, find “New product group” button on the Activity > Warehouse > Product groups page. There are several fields on the group editing page: Group, Nested groups, Number of products, Store, Activity. Below goes information on how many products and subgroups in group are.

In right lower corner there is a recycling bin icon - pressing it you can delete product group.

Page last modified on March 11, 2019, at 11:41 AM