Product statuses

Setting up item and order statuses

Setting up item and order statuses is made in Administration > Statuses > Article status.

Please note that:

Let’s examine the purpose of the fields of current section.

 This is important!
 After the setup is finished, you need to press “Save” button for the changes to make effect.

Dependance of order status on item status, that is in the order

If item statuses and order statuses were set up this way:

Then in case, when all order items are in status “Ready for packaging”, order status will be changed to status “Confirmed by the customer”.

Dependance of item status on order status

If order statuses were set this way:

After saving this settings in the order with status “Not satisfied with price”, all items statuses will change to “Customer refusal”.

Order page after item and order statuses setup

We will show you how the options set up in column “Set order status in accordance to item status” automatize work with items.

For example, the order was being processed, but during the conversation with customer it turned out, that item packaging takes 24 hours, and the customer needs the item urgently, then such order will be moved to status “Not satisfied with conditions” with an appropriate comment to item. Item statuses will change to “Return”.

Automatic return of item leftovers

Automatic return of item leftovers allows to refill free leftovers after item status change, for exmple, to status “Return”. Even in case if shipment was already made and the stock was written off. If there was no shipment, then reserve is cancelled and stock will be returned at any cancellation status. If the item was shipped, then return will be made only at automatic return status.

To turn automatic return of item leftovers on You need to go to Administration > Settings > Warehouse. Then choose the necessary status in the “Autoreturn leftover stock status”. After choosing status press “Save” button.

Comments to item status

A comment to item.

Editing of the comment to item.

The comment to item can be deleted.

Change of order status

The process of changing of order status.

Comments to order status

Leave a comment to order status.

Order change history

You can see comments to order status and order change history after order status change.

Recalculation of order sum in the view of cancel status setting

If to change item status to cancel status, the resulting order sum will be recalculated without including the item in cancel status.

When changing status from “Added” to “Out of stock”, the sum is recalculated (“Out of stock” status is marked as cancel status in Administration section).

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