Integration with RetailRocket

RetailRocket recommendation system allows to personalize offers for customers. The system allows to determine your e-shop customers needs and make interesting offers for them on the website at the appropriate moment.

System - RetailRocket integration settings

To start integration go to section Administration > Integration > Recommendations and choose RetailRocket system.

The page of RetailRocket integration settings with the system will be opened:

To turn on the integration do not forget to set the checkbox Activity.

To connect to your account in RetailRocket enter your partner ID.

«Offer joint products on the order page» - show items block “Bought together” in order content by the link “Cross-sells”.

Cross-sells are displayed in order card in block order content.

Note: the setting «Item export» in item settings influences also on export in the “Cross-sells” window.

«Offer similar products on the order page»- show “Analogs” item block by the link “Cross-sells” in the order content.

If you have cost price in the system, you can enable function «Take into account the margin when ranking goods». Then you will for example get the goods with the highest margin, that are in stock, displayed in the analogues list.

Identificating field in integration with RetailRocket

By default the system loads recommendations sending externalId. With the help of the line “Identification field” it is possible to send another identificating field that will be used when interacting with RetailRocket. It is important to specify the field that is used for goods identification when uploading the catalogue from the shop to RetailRocket.

Important: the value of the selected field must be numeric.

Is used in case if You have RetailRocket system working for a long time and it has collected the behaviour history. If you reload the catalogue with ID, the behaviour history will reset.

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