List of rule executions

There is a “Rule executions” tab in the “Marketing” section. The list of all executions by all marketing mechanics is displayed here. An access to this section may be blocked in settings of the user groups.

The table contains all events relating to rules.

The table has information about the date and time of the rule execution, action for the rule and many other parameters.

There are several statuses of actions for the rule:

Explanation may be displayed to the result of each action. If there is additional information, it can be viewed by clicking on the action. Also, the explanation may have the information about the cancellation of the action and the reason of the cancellation. For example, the action was cancelled because of communications limits.

Conversion is calculated only on the result of one action in the rule. If there are several actions in the rule, the calculation will be done by the selected action in the rule itself. In actions column is displayed the rule by which the conversion is calculated.

Conversion calculation depends on the action type:

Standard sorting of elements to be displayed on one page, export of data, pagination, total number of elements and conversion sum of the table are at the bottom of the table.

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