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Email/SMS sending from the customer segment

You can read more details on working with segments in customer segmentation article.

There is an opportunity of Email/SMS sending to customers in segment after the segment formation.

For this purpose you should click the “Actions” button at the top left corner.

Choose needed action in drop-down menu.

After that you will see pop-up window, where it is necessary to enter data for sending.

Pay attention, that you can add the unsubscription link in letter template. When clicking it, customer will be automatically unsubscribed from mailing. This information will be displayed on customer page, in “Email subscription” field.

You can send test letter before mass sending to be sure that all fields are displayed correctly. Test letter will be sent to email of manager, who makes the mailing.

For sending the test letter it is necessary to click “Send test letter” button, after that you will see notification about successful sending of test letter.

After clicking the “Send” button, you will see notification that letters were sent to N customers.

For confirmation of sending it is necessary to click “Send” button.

Note: unsubscribed customers, as well as the customers without Email addresses are excluded from the mailing automatically. Also, the system checks presence of the store`s sender or the sender by default. In case, if there is neither the former, nor the latter, you will see a notification that the sender was not specified. The mailing is not allowed in this situation.

The sender is specified in the “Mail” section of the system settings.

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