SMS list

Earlier in section “Customer page” we described that it is possible to look a certain customer’s SMS list. It is also possible to look at the general list of SMS on all customers.

To look at general SMS list you need to open section System > Customers > Communications and switch to “SMS” tab.

You can apply filter to different fields of section or edit the fields content.

In «Customer» you can filter by full name, phone or counterparty name. Search by counterparty is possible if the legal entity name is specified and customer is not a private individual.

If you press the topic, SMS text will open.

The system also displays information about SMS delivery status. Read more about it in subsection SMS delivery status.

The logics of sending SMS to customer

If SMS gets status “Not delivered” and it can not be sent, that means that SMS contains an error (recipient number is incorrect, blank message, too long message).

If the message keeps status “Delivery in process” for a long time, this can be due to following reasons:

For SMS in status “Delivery in process” the system will be sending SMS repeatedly in definite periods of time untill the delivery will be successful.

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