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Integration with Telegram

Please note that a bot created in Telegram can be connected only to one service. This is because the Telegram has a restriction on connection by one token - only one connection is possible using one token. If the token is specified in one else system, the integration in the first system will stop its functioning. If the token was used in two systems, then, to restore the integration for the first system you should re-create the token in @BotFather.

Before activating the module in the “Integration” section, you should create an API key which will be used to send messages. The key is available in the section Administration > Integration > API Access Keys.

Enable all methods of the “Integration” section for the key.

When all chats are activated and the key is created, it is necessary to create the bot in Telegram. Official bot @BotFather is used for it; it will tell how to create and set up the bot. You should copy its token after creation.

Then, in order to connect Telegram integration module, take a look here: Administration > Integration > Marketplace. Open the integration module and click the “Connect” button.

Enter your domain and the API key created earlier on the connection page and save changes.

A new tab “Bots” will appear after saving, in which you should specify the token of the previously created bot.

Options “en/ru” are for specifying the language of system notifications within this widget in retailCRM Chat. The integration is set up. Now Telegram messages will be uploaded to your system.

More details about working with chats you can read in the article “Chats”.

To find the created bot and to write to it, it is necessary to specify its name with “@” symbol in Telegram search.

For example, @democrmbot.

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