Changing trigger conditions for sending tracking numbers

The delivery registration process has changed in version 8.0. This has changed how previously created triggers operate. In version 7.0, triggers were executed by a change in order status. When it was changed, the order already contained a tracking number, which was sent via email or SMS. Now, previously created triggers do not transfer information about the tracking number, resulting in empty emails and SMS notifications being sent to customers.

To fix this, your old triggers need to be edited. For example, if, in the trigger conditions, the order status transition is checked:

changeSet.hasChangedField("status") and changeSet.getNewValue("status").getCode() == "send-to-delivery"

We recommend replacing this condition with a check for the appearance of tracking number in the order:

changeSet.hasChangedField("status") and changeSet.getNewValue("status").getCode() == "send-to-delivery"

If you encounter difficulties or questions when making changes to triggers, please contact the technical support team via email

Page last modified on January 25, 2021, at 09:57 AM