Integration with Vkontakte

Having integration with “VK Messenger” module, users of your system will receive private messages from Vkontakte users and reply to them on behalf of a community via the system interface.

Before activating the module in the “Integration” section, you should create an API key which will be used to send messages. The key is available in the section Administration > Integration > API Access Keys.

Enable all methods of the “Integration” section for the key.

Please note that integration with the messenger is made via a token created in Vkontakte.

Prior to setting up the integration, please create a community if it has not been created yet.

Open settings of the created group and create the token for interaction with the system:

Select rights to all methods when creating.

Do not forget to enable the setting which allows the users to write a message to your group:

Then open your system's section Marketplace and click “Connect” button for VK Messenger module.

Enter your domain and the API key created earlier on the connection page and save changes.

A new tab “Bots” will appear after saving in which you should specify the token (access token) of the previously created VK group, as well as group id. Click on the button “Add a bot”.

Options “en/ru” are for specifying the language of system notifications within this widget in retailCRM Chat and for displaying customer name in his/her VK profile.

The integration is set up. Incoming messages of your group will be uploaded to your system automatically.

The group id is in “Callback API” tab.

Please note that the “Confirm” button should not be clicked. All settings are applied automatically and there is no need to apply something manually. The integration will not work, if you click.

More details about working with chats you can read in the article “Chats”.

Page last modified on April 22, 2019, at 10:06 AM