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Integration with WhatsApp

Please note that it is impossible to work simultaneously in retailCRM Chat and WhatsApp application (or WhatsApp Web).

Connection of WhatsApp account is made by specialists of our technical support. You should give us a phone number to which a WhatsApp account will be connected.

Before activating the module in the “Integration” section, you should create an API key which will be used to send messages. The key is available in the section Administration > Integration > API Access Keys.

Enable all methods of the “Integration” section for the key.

Provide our technical support with the phone number, sending a request from the system interface or from E-mail address directly at Then, we will register WhatsApp account for your phone number and provide you with a QR code to bind your account to the messenger servers.

After that you should log into the account of the phone number on your mobile phone and scan the QR code which we have sent to you.

Notify us about the scanning and enable the user of the technical support in the section Administration > Users.

Further settings will be made by our technical specialists.

Important! Mobile phone acts as a server. If the phone is turned off or lacks the internet connection, WhatsApp server will be unavailable and messages will not be uploaded to the system. The connection is restored automatically when the phone is turned on or the internet is got back online. If the connection is cut off completely, you will have to contact our technical support to get the new QR code.

The account you have created is searched for by the phone number which was used for account registration.

Also, it is possible to use the link:<number>, where <number> is a full phone number to which the WhatsApp account is connected.

For example:

Please note that this link is a bad one:

More details about working with chats you can read in the article “Chats”.

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