Integration with WhatsApp Business

To work with WhatsApp, it is required to connect and pay for a chat license.

Integration module with WhatsApp Business is connected by our technical support. To get instructions for further actions, please contact or write a request directly from the system interface.

Note: The module developed by I2CRM is connected by the provider.

Integration is available with three providers and official partners of WhatsApp: Devino, Infobip and I2CRM.

For connection, it is required to:

Please add to the copy when communicating with the provider.

Note: the registration procedure of the official business account takes from 1 to 3 weeks.

Connection on the provider’s side

First of all, fill in a form and send it to the provider’s personal manager who makes the connection. At the same time, an agreement to approve and register a channel is sent. The draft will be given by the provider’s manager.

Specify all templates that will be used when communicating with a customer. The number of templates isn’t limited. It is possible to use variables in the templates; these variables will display all the necessary information depending on the customer.

New message templates can be added later. Before using, all message templates must be verified by WhatsApp. Templates are verified by the provider’s employee who will point to the need to make changes when necessary.

Important! Template messages should not contain any information that stimulates the customer to make a purchase (for example, discounts, bonuses, items of an abandoned cart, personalized product recommendations and so on). The detailed list of requirements to the messages is described in the Facebook documentation.

The registration process from the moment of sending the form and getting the preliminary confirmation from WhatsApp takes up to 3 weeks.

All company changes can be sent to the personal manager. Changes in the company description are carried out during a few days. Changes in the account name take more time since the new name must be approved by WhatsApp. After the name is approved, it will be changed within 1 week.

Important! it is not possible to carry out two-factor authentication and use the channel till the new name is approved by WhatsApp.

Then, the provider sends a confirmation request of Facebook Business Manager ID (specified in the Form) via Facebook Business Manager.

You should accept the request (“Requests” section) and confirm your Facebook Business Manager ID. How to accept is described in the Facebook documentation.

As soon as the request is accepted, verify your account in the “Security Center” section.


This step is also required to get the status of an official business account for the channel. The detailed instruction is described in the Facebook documentation.

To start the verification process in Business Manager:

  1. Open the “Business settings” page (
  2. Click “Security Center”.
  3. Open the “Business verification” section and click “Start verification”. Verification status can be checked in this section.
  4. Enter your business details, upload the required documents (a list of the required documents is below the links) and confirm your contact phone number or e-mail.

After Business Manager verification, an automatic checking for compliance with WhatsApp’s policies is initiated. If the organization is already verified by Facebook, the provider starts the channel registration.

After confirmation of compliance with WhatsApp’s policies, the provider connects and configures the account.

Note: by default, only the phone number of the customer who wrote is transferred by the provider. To transfer contact details, address to your personal manager.

Then you must pass two-factor authentication via SMS or a phone call depending on the type of the phone number to which the business account is registered. To get a call to the landline phone number +7495, disable IVR for some time or set up call forwarding from the numbers that will be used for the call.

To register the account to the number 8800, make sure that there are no restrictions on receiving international calls (in our case calls from the USA, +1…).

As for mobile phones, you should not use the phone number that was earlier used for registration of a user or unofficial business account on WhatsApp. But if it was used, deactivate it via the WhatsApp Business application.

The status of the official account and a verification tick will be given after two-factor authentication.

When the verification and all connection steps are completed, the provider will send the data for authorization. Forward this data to our technical support to connect to retailCRM.

After the connection is carried out, a new channel will be displayed and messages will be sent to chats.

Registration of Facebook Business Manager

  1. Open the page
  2. Click “Create account”.
  3. Enter a name for your business, select the main page and specify your name and work e-mail address.
  4. Enter the rest of the information.

For more details, read

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