Integration with Zadarma telephony

Main features of integration with PBX virtual Zadarma:

Important: call forwarding automation may overlap with the internal configuration of the PBX in the Zadarma personal account.

To start the integration, you must go to Settings > Integration > API access keys in the system and create an API key.

Note: in the API key you are creating, «Telephony methods» and «Users» methods must be enabled in the «API methods allowed» field.

After creating the key, go to your personal Zadarma PBX account and configure the necessary settings.

Minimum configurations:

Next, in the system, under phone connections, click the «Connect» button in the pop-up window.

The telephony connection window opens. To connect, you must provide your system address and the API key created earlier.

After entering the data, click the «Enable integration» button.

On the next page, you must link the Zadarma extension codes with the system managers.

After setting the match, click the Save button.

After saving, the integration is complete. Now all calls will be recorded in the system.

Page last modified on March 16, 2021, at 03:42 PM