Auto-registration of delivery

Main settings


If this option is active, the system will automatically create orders in the delivery service if the order is in a pre-specified status. Auto-registration is executed for all integrated delivery types.

Note: The checkbox "Do not send data to the delivery service" will be automatically removed during automatic registration.

The setting is only available if there is at least one connected and active integrated delivery service (excluding courier delivery and tracking).

Upon enabling auto-registration, status settings will become available.

Choosing an order status to trigger automatic registration

You can choose an Order status, upon transfer to which the system will automatically place an order in the delivery service.

You can select either one or multiple order statuses to perform this action, excluding the final statuses (the "Completed" and "Cancelled" groups).

Choosing an order status to which an order is transferred if automatic registration is unsuccessful

You can only select one order status, but from any group (including the final statuses in the "Cancelled" and "Completed" groups).

The statuses chosen in the previous setting cannot be selected. This ensures that the cycle functions correctly.

Auto-registration will only be executed if the order does not contain a registered delivery.

The system makes one attempt at automatic registration in the delivery service. If you receive an error, there will be no repeated attempts to register the delivery.

Selecting a tariff for the delivery type

You can choose a default tariff in the integrated delivery types section of the system settings.

Only one default tariff can be selected for the chosen delivery type.

All tariffs are available for selection. You can also select the default tariff for the pickup point, but you must transfer the pickup point ID to the order to substitute the tariff.

Automatic registration in the order

There are several points to consider when working with automatic delivery registration in the order card:

Why block the entire order?

When receiving a response from the delivery service about placing an order, you must refresh the order page to display the latest information. Blocking manual changes to data in the order card at this time means that conflicts between users and the system are prevented. When the system is automatically editing the order, it's important that conflicts do not arise resulting from the user editing data at the same time.

Please note that the time period in which the order card is blocked depends on the delivery service.

What gets updated after the card is unblocked?

How to send a request for delivery registration

After choosing the type of delivery manually or transferring it by a trigger/via API, you need to transfer the order to the status that was selected to initiate the launch of auto-registration. The process of delivery registration will then begin. During the registration process, the order will be blocked to avoid conflicts.

Note: If the delivery type was transferred by a trigger or via API without a tariff, the default selected in the delivery type is substituted. If the tariff is not selected in the delivery type, an error will be given, since the tariff is required to be filled in.

Upon automatic registration of delivery, the status of registration will be displayed under the selected type. There are four statuses available:

Important! The statuses presented above are not the statuses of the delivery service. The statuses represent a response from the delivery service, whether the data was successfully or not transferred to the service for placing an order."

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