Automatic reservation

This article describes how to turn on the feature of automatic warehouse product reservation. When automatic reservation is on, system will automatically reserve items in warehouses for orders in specified stautus. Automatic reservation will be held regarding to warehouse type, order and goods purchase value.

Automatic reservation is available only in those cases when “Reservation of balances goods” option is turned on in Administration > Settings > Warehouse section.

You need to choose status from the dropdown list to which order is switched by successful item reservation.

The setting “Automatic reservation” in “Automatic reservation” tab is turned off by default.

When the setting is turned on, a number of parameters opens needed to fill for correct system functionality. Fields required for filling are marked with a bug. You also need to consider a number of pecularities:

«Order status, in which the automatic reservation is activated» — here you need to choose order status in which items will be automatically reserved in warehouse.

«Order status, in which an order is set, if the product is out of stock» — optional parameter. You need to specify status to which order will be moved in case if reservation is not successful.

«Allow to reserve one position at several warehouses» — the value is set depending on the number of warehouses in use. The setting works as following - first the warehouse is searched on order with sufficient number of items.

Important! Reservation in several warehouses will be made only in case if there is no any warehouse with items stock sufficient for entire position reservation.

«Allow to buy up from the vendors» — This setting works only in case if “Allow to reserve one position at several warehouses” parameter is turned on. In case if there are not enough items on internal warehouses, reservation is made in vendor’s. “Vendor” is understood as warehouse added to system with “Vendor warehouse” type. Vendor at which goods would be bought up is also defined by warehouse order and least purchase price.

Important! For a single item position only one vendor can be chosen.

After saving all parameters when order status is changed to the one set in setting “Order status, in which the automatic reservation is activated”, order will get positions automatically reserved in warehouses.

In case if for at least one order position the needed number of stock wasn’t reserved, order is moved to status set in “Order status, in which an order is set, if the product is out of stock” setting.

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