Integration with DHL

Please note that after connecting and activating the module, you need to contact DHL technical support to activate the integration.

Integration with DHL allows:

To start the integration, open Administration > Integration > API access keys and create API key.

Note: when creating the API key, only delivery methods should be enabled in the field “API methods allowed”.

Then sign in with DHL personal account by clicking "Connect" button in pop-up window of delivery connection in the system.

Enter sender site id, DHL password and account number on the connection page.

Important: to obtain this requisites, contact DHL technical support.

Besides, it is necessary to enter the created API key, system address and save the changes.

In module settings you should specify the necessary integration settings.

DHL integration settings

Integration module with DHL delivery is activated after the saving.

Do not forget to check the box "Activated" in order to activate the integration.


Let's look at the main settings for connecting DHL.

"Delivery cost" field allows to select two options:

Declared value is zero by default - sets zero declared value by default in the order.

Not to send data to the delivery service by default - the checkbox allows not to send data to the delivery service, if it has been selected already. If you check this box, all required fields are not required, when registering the delivery.

Date of the last updating the delivery statuses - the field displays the last update of the delivery statuses. If the statuses were not updated or there was an error at updating, the field will display the corresponding error.

Payment type

On the second tab you can set up available payment types for DHL delivery.


This tab displays warehouses and their addresses.


Here you can configure mapping of DHL statuses and the system statuses.

Default values

Contents: duty - free documents or goods - check the box if you have such documents or goods.

Shipment time - select the correct time of the shipment from warehouse.

Payer for additional fees - select the person who will pay for additional fees: sender or recipient.

Conditions of delivery (Incoterms) - select the required condition of delivery.

Delivery type - select the delivery type.

Package type - select the package type.

Creating DHL delivery type

In order to use services of DHL in the order, first of all, you should create DHL delivery type. Open the section Administration > Databooks > Delivery types and click the button “Add”.

Set up the delivery type, created recently:

Important: After saving the delivery type, the field “Integrate with” is no longer available for editing and cannot be changed. If the current delivery is no longer used, you can deactivate it, unchecking the “Activity” box.

Working with DHL delivery type on order page

Manage shipment of orders to the delivery services in the system. Find the details in section “Movement of goods”.

Let's look at the order with Boxberry delivery type. Dimensions can be set by default in the main system settings in Administration > Settings > Main.

Fill in the payment type, warehouse and city, selecting from the list in order to select the delivery type (tariff).

All tariffs for delivery are in the pop-up window. Select the required one.

After selecting the tariff, information about the delivery will be displayed on the order page.

After selecting the delivery service, all information about the previously entered data will be immediately saved, while the cost and delivery time will be entered automatically. Delivery cost for the customer is a separate editable field, it depends on the setting "Delivery cost is set by store." The detailed information about the delivery address and time will be displayed.

Contents: duty - free documents or goods - check the box if you have such documents or goods.

If you need to send several parcels in one order, you can choose a packaging. By default the whole order is considered as one package with weight and dimensions equal to weight and dimension of entire order.

When you click on the link, a pop-up window will appear in which you need to specify the weight, dimensions and products for each parcel.

Here you can add a few more packages or copy an existing package.

Note: packaging can be added for each product separately.

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