Several system features are understood under the term “Logistics”. Current section describes: possibility of couriers making and assigning them in order, possibility of setting product status and possibility of quick product moving from warehouse to shipment warehouse. Current possibilities are made for those who got several personal warehouses or for those, who doesn’t have personal warehouse and collects goods from different vendors.

Setting information on couriers

To add data on couriers go to Administration>Databooks>Couriers section.

For adding information on couriers press button “Add” and editing form will open.

Setting information on couriers

If choose delivery type “Expedited shipping” in “Delivery” block, a field “Courier” with a list of couriers will appear.

As a must specify delivery date in order information on courier business tobe displayed below “Courier” field.

Here, for example, courier already got assigned orders at chosen date:

Courier information will update if delivery date is changed. For example, a date 12.08.2016 was chosen and the caption below courier showed us that courier is free on that date.

Note: If field “Courier” was changed in order, the fact of it will be displayed in order fields change history.

Products collecting from warehouses

This section describes the feature of product status change and creating order movement to shipment warehouse.

For work of this section you need to get option “Working with warehouses” turned on.

To get into “Products collecting from warehouses” section, you need to go to Activity>Warehouses, section, then choose “Products collecting from warehouses”. Then, in order to ease work with products from orders, you may want to use filters on order, product status or warehouses.

Another variant to get into this section is go to order and press “Collecting of goods” link in shipment block. Then page will be filtered by order and will have records about goods for moving from warehouse to warehouse.

Note: In this section only those goods are dispalyed, which are reserved in orders, i.e. shipment warehouse is specified.

Multiple editing of product collection date and status change

For Multiple editing of product collection date and status change you need to go to section Activity -> Warehouses -> Products collecting from warehouses. Then you choose the goods needed. On the screen below a bar will appear where “Change” button is placed. Press it.

Note: «Move to the shipment store» button is unavailable if external warehouse system is active.

Set collection date and product status in the opened form. Then press “Save”.

Product moving to shipment warehouse

The feature, of the same name as button, “Move to shipment store” means creating a record for “Product movement” section. A situation: part of goods from order has been already shipped from one warehouse and are ready to move to shipment warehouse (where order will be completely packaged and given to courier). You tick boxes with arrived goods having the same warehouse and press the “Move to shipment store” button.

Important! For the button “Move to shipment store” to be active, you need the order, in which you tick the goods, to have shipment warehouse selected and after that the order saved. You can create single movement for several goods from different orders, mainly them having same starting (Warehouse/Provider) and ending warehouse(shipment warehouse).

Note: «Movement of goods» section is unavailable if external warehouse system is active.

A form will appear in which you need to specify shipment date, order stastus. If couriers are added to the system, you can begin from a particular courier responsible for a particular movement.

If to tick a box “To make an accounting transaction” in the form, then consequently, you won’t need to approve movement in “Movement of goods” section. Product warehouse will instantly change to shipment warehouse.

If not to tick the box, then, when goods are accepted and packaged in the shipment warehouse, you need to approve, i.e. make a manual accounting transaction in «Movement of goods» section.

Filter setting

What is the sence of filtering on particular fields:

Please note that in column settings products’ photos can be displayed.

Purchase price

If you got displayment of Purchase price set (go to section Administration > Settings > Orders and choose “Purchase price”), you can choose it to be displayed in Products collecting from warehouses tab filter.

And, along with all interesting indicators you can see in your shop purchase price near to product cost.

Group printing

There is a feature of document printing for goods being collected from warehouses in product list. Choose all or several lines - “Print documents” button will appear. Then choose printed form - packaging needed. Product packagings can be added in section Administration > Settings > Printed forms in tab “Packages of goods”.

Read about product packging in Product packagings section.

Movement of goods

As it was described above in the section “Products collecting from warehouses” - Movement of goods are records about the task created for Movement of goods from warehouse A to warehouse B. In this case Warehouse B is shipment warehouse. Shipment house is set in order in “Shipment” block.

A single record in shipment list can contain many items from different orders where vendor warehouse and shipment warehouse are the same.

To look what goods are in this movement, press the record:

To make a movement, i.e. approve goods being in shipment warehouse, you need to tick item boxes and press “Carry out the moving” button.

After this action the product warehouse of the order will change and this section will get a tick meaning a completed movement.

Automatic status change when making movement

To turn on automatic product status change you need to go to section Administration -> Settings -> Warehouse, “Main settings” tab. Then in line “Reservation of balances of goods” set “Enabled”. You will see in front of you field “Status, in which the product is set after moving is carried out”. In this field you choose the needed status to which products will be moved.

Note: The item status will change only after all the movements for all the product packagings are performed.

Shipment of orders to the delivery service

This subsection displays a list of courier call requests for delivery picking-up. Requests with shipment date less than current date are marked as executed.

You can read more about the shipment of orders to the delivery service in the corresponding article.

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