Integration with Geohelper

Geohelper is a service for work with addresses, postal codes and time zones.

To open Geohelper integration settings you need to go to section Settings > Integration. Select “Geohelper” in the “Databoks” line.

To activate Geohelper you need to check the box “Enabled”.

The option «Use hints for geographic objects» is used to display hints for regions, cities and streets when filling in the address.

Disabling this function will lead to:

The option «Get local time by phone number» allows to detect local time, region and mobile network operator by phone number.

Local time, region and mobile network operator are displayed near the phone number fields in the customer and order cards.

Local time is also considered when specifying time limits for SMS sending and is used in triggers with the help of local_time feature.

Work with Geohelper in the order

If the value is not connected with Geohelper then a sign will be displayed right from the field. When clicking the icon, a popup window with matching variants from Geohelper service will open.

Geohelper contains information on the types of streets and populated localities. This information will be considered when forming the address. For example, if you entered the address “Lipetskaya oblast, city Lipetsk, st. Sovetskaya, 64, 48”, Geohelper will display the address the following way:

Note: Fields with icons nearby are not involved in postal code detection.

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