List of managers

This section contains information about functionality available on the page with the list of managers.

In order to make a work with the list of managers more convenient, it is possible to apply different filters. Managers can be found by name, phone number, number of processed orders and so on.

Filter by managers works in a similar way to filters by orders and customers. Structure of fields is changed by analogy with orders. For more details, please, refer to the article “Configuration of a filter content”.

The list of managers is situated below all filters. Offline managers are excluded from the list.

The structure and the order of the fields can be changed. For more details, please, refer to the article “Configuration of table columns”.

There are pagination, number of elements, option of exporting a table by analogy with orders and customers at the bottom of the page. For more details, please, refer to the sections “List sorting and pagination” and “Data export”.

For creation of a new manager, there is a button “New manager” at the right top.

Manager page

Let’s look at the information available about a manager in the system on the manager page.

Main information about a manager

Main information about a manager is his/her personal data and key indicators of work:

Data from the system is aggregated here. The number of processed orders, total sales and AOV are calculated automatically.

“Statistics” block

On the right part of the manager page there are diagrams of manager`s indicators depending on the period chosen.

Please note that if the system is integrated with telephony, one more diagram will appear - calls diagram.

Blocks “Recent activity” on orders, customers and calls

In this block in “Orders” tab is displayed the list of last orders. These orders are assigned to the manager (the system displays 50 last orders simultaneously). The manager can open these orders.

In the tab “Customers” of the “Recent activity” block are displayed the last customers, assigned to the manager and their activity on orders (source, number of orders, AOV).

If the manager is connected to a telephony which was integrated with the system earlier, this block will have the third tab “Calls”.


Every user has his/her own personal page for data editing, which can be opened by clicking on the link in the header of the page. It is necessary in order to change password and personal information independently. In the main user settings only administrator can do this.

With the option “Open the section after logging in”, you can select the section which will be opened automatically after manager`s logging in the system. If no setting is selected, the section after logging in is determined according to the user rights.

Please note: sections “Activity” and “Analytics” are available for selection.

Enabling the option “Notify by e-mail” means that notifications from the system header will be duplicated to the e-mail.

Examples of such notifications: assigning an order to the manager, changing the data in the order of the manager, order expiration.

Enabling the option “Accompany notification with a sound” means that a separate user will receive sound notifications.

Manager`s global status

Global status of the user affects automatic distribution of orders among managers and automatic distribution of calls by telephonies with such option.

Status “Free” is assigned to the new user, as a result, if the user is a manager, he or she will receive orders and calls.

If the manager selects one of the following statuses:

Then orders/calls will not be distributed to him/her, even if this employee works in the system at the moment.

The status selected is kept by the system even if the user has logged out and is logging in the system again.

Analytics by managers

Analytics by managers displays actual information by all managers created in your system. For example, it is possible to see which manager has processed more orders or brought the biggest income to your store. Also, you can set up your own (unique) widget for seeing information you are interested in.

Please note: Analytics by managers is updated every hour. If some changes have happened to the system, then, when exporting data, you will see already updated data.

For more details about analytics by managers, please, refer to the following article - a link to the article.

Adding and setting up the users

In system settings (“Users” section) it is possible to change already existing managers or create the new ones, add them to a user group and give them certain rights to an access to the system and editing certain system sections.

For instance, you can limit the user rights to such extent that a certain user group will not be able to see financial information on orders or even edit the orders.

Detailed information about the section of the user settings you can read in the following article - a link to the article.

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