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Telephone campaigns

This function is used in situations when managers need to make calls to customers at specified time with a definite period. Manager will be notified about ring round before campaign start. The call will be initiated by the system. Manager has to answer the call and take a conversation according to a given script. This feature is available only for Telphin v.3 telephony clients.

Setting up telephone campaigns

The setup will begin in section Administration > Integration > Telephony > Telphin.

You need to activate “Telephony campaigns” by ticking “Telephony campaigns enabled” box.

Now you need to allocate which user groups can look through, edit or remove telephone campaigns. You need to go to Administration > Users > User groups and write these parameters for a definite group, for example, managers.

Now you can go to section Now you can go to section System > Orders > Telephone campaigns and begin with campaigns setup.

If you press the name of an existing campaign you will be able to edit parameters that were entered earlier.

Let’s have a deeper look at the work with all elements available on the example of new campaign creation. To do this you need to press “Create campaign” button.

We will see the following in opened window:

Let’s have a look at each of them.

  • Date range - choose it in case if you need to make a ring round of customers at definite days, for example, before a special offer.
  • Campaign hours - call time period range is set, for example from 10:00 to 14:00.

Note 1: If for example during the camapign “Call during” is limited by 7 days and “Maximum number of calls” is 10, then after 7 days from the campaign start or after 10 calls that customer didn’t answer his order is excluded from selection.

Note 2: If in “Repeated calls when no answer” no parameter is set for all calls maximum number of which is set in corresponding field then calls will be made without a pause during the campaign.

Working with telephone campaigns

Depending on manager system status he is either assigned calls, or not. Read more about system manager status in the article Global user status.

In order to see campaign hint you need to click the heading on the side panel. A window will open where useful information will be dispalyed for manager to contact customers.

In case if opened window hinders manager it can be minimized. In this case the page will look like:

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