Working with price types

Using the «Price types» function you can set necessary rule for price displaying. For example, to show price if there are more than 3 similar items in order or display necessary prices for certain regions.

Methods of price types specifying

There are two variants to specify price type: through API and manually.

Through API

At first, you need to create price types using this method.

Transferring of price type through API is carried out by special method.

Specified price type on the order page looks as follows:

Price type is being displayed by ascending from minimum to maximum among all price types. Also there is opportunity to view in details each price type in offers.


Price types creation takes place in Administration > Data books > Price types section.

Created price type should be specified in item.

If you want to set price types manually, then, before setting in item, it is necessary to switch on catalog editing in system settings.

Go to the needed item, choose created price type in «Prices» section and enter the necessary price.

Using the «Add price» button you can add created price types. Using the bin icon you can remove unnecessary. When clicking the price type name, you will see window with selecting another price type.

Price types in item list

Created price types are being displayed in item list like separate columns. You can add new or remove unnecessary, using the gear icon.

There is an opportunity to sort by price descending or ascending, using these columns.

Also there is a filter by price types in item list.

Price types in order

Let's see how to apply price type in order.

Important: price types is being displayed according to application rules specified when creating. For example, if Moscow is specified in regional restrictions, then in other regions the created price type will not be displayed. Or there is a filter, which allows to select price type on condition that there are three similar items in order.

For this purpose you should add item, which the price type will be applied to, and select region, which is specified when setting.

When adding the item to order, you can select price type. There are already filter by price types.

Also there is a filter by price type in item list.

Note: price types in item and order are available if more than 1 price type are active. Otherwise, they will not be displayed in interface.

There is an opportunity to specify price type for each item in order separately. For this purpose you should click the price type name on the item line.

When changing the price type, items sum is being recalculate immediately. When changing the region, which the «Regional restrictions» setting will not be applied to, and trying to change price type, the error will occur, informing that current price type is unavailable for this order.

Note: regional restrictions will work only in case if the region and city were selected from list.

If you can not add created price type, check, if there are any restrictions by user groups, regions or filter.

These parameters are being specified in price types settings, in «Application rules» tab.

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