Item reservation in order

Choosing warehouse for items

Let’s have a look at situation, when there is field “Warehouse work” turned on only in section Administration > Settings > Warehouse > Main settings. This means that you can choose warehouse for every item in order, but free warehouse leftovers will not be displayed.

You can specify warehouse for every item after turning on the setting and creating warehouses.

Every position got it’s link in warehouse. Press “No warehouse selected” to set a warehouse for the item.

A form will open where you can see all the created warehouses. If you need to collect all items from one warehouse, set the amount of items specified in order.

When pressing warehouse line in window of position collecting - the system reserves all available items in warehouse for this position.

When double click - the parameter is reset to 0

If you need to choose different amount from different warehouses, then you should specify the needed amount for each warehouse. But you need to do it in such a way, that order amount sum must be equal to the amount of this position in order details. If accidentally you exceeded the amount, the system would notify you about it.

After choosing product warehouses, order details will look like:

Note: you can add or change warehouse only in already saved order. I.e. first you need to add item and save the order, and then you can change item warehouse.

Note: If there are several warehouses chosen for one item, then all the positions of this item get same status. To get to know how to work with product statuses, read article Product statuses.

Filter by warehouse region and city

It is possible to filter the reservation warehouse by city and region.

For the filter to be active, you need to specify warehouse addresses in section Administration > Stores > Warehouses.

After that the window of the product reservation from the warehouse looks as the following:

Product reservation regarding to warehouse leftovers

If you want to be able to select not only warehouse on order page, but warehouse regarding to leftovers in it, you need to turn on option “Reservation of balances goods” in the system.

By this setting in order, if there is no warehouse shown near the item, “No reservation will be written”.

If pressing this caption a form will open where you can specify warehouse for every single item regarding to current number of leftovers inth warehouse. The list of warehouses displays only only the warehouses having positive number of leftovers. Warehouse with available balances are displayed only in case if “Yes” parameter is chosen (such warehouse have limitless number of leftovers). Blue color on the screenshot shoes how many free leftovers were in warehouses before reservation.

The quantity in front of a specified warehouse can be set for every item in this form. The system won’t let you set the amount of product more than there are leftovers in the warehouse. Also system takes into account total number of items in order for it to be not possible to specify more than ordered. Blue mark on the screenshot shows how many free leftovers are left in warehouses after reservation.

In case if warehouses had less items reserved than it is scpecified in order, system notification will appear showing how many pieces of a single item were not reserved.

Note: The warehouses in the warehouse catalogue having items chosen or reserved are marked with colour. Warehouses, having items reserved, are shown in the beginning of the list.

Note: If external warehouse system integration is active, no write off of free leftovers is applied when reserving.

Note: For warehouses like “Vendor warehouse” no write off of free leftovers is applied when reserving.

Note: For warehouses with leftover type “Availability” (yes/no) no write off of free leftovers is applied when reserving.

Displaying of additional fields in item reservation window

There are settings of additional fields displaying in item reservation window in Administration > Settings > Orders.

To activate necessary fields, you should select "Yes" in drop-down list.

If all fields are activated, it will look the following way in the order:

There is call icon near the phone number. This function is convenient in case, if it is necessary to clarify the leftover stocks with contractor.

Fractional item quantity

It is possible to specify Fractional item quantity. To turn this option on you need to go to the section Administration > Settings > Settings. Choose "Fractional" in selection "Integer or fractional item quantity".

Note: The fractional item quantity is specified accurate within one thousandth.

In the order this function looks as the following:

Item quantity:

In the item reservation window:

“Warehouse” block

“Warehouse” block is closely connected with product movement from warehouse functions. In this block shipment means that product was sent from shipment warehouse to customer.

Collecting of goods link follows you to “Collecting products from warehouses” section with a chosen filter on this order. It means that you can go to product section where current order product movement can be made to shipment warehouse. Read about it in section Collecting products from warehouse.

Shipment warehouse is the warehouse where goods are brought to from other warehouses for packaging order for customer. For example, company’s office can be a shipment warehouse. Couriers take orders from this warehouse and bring them to customer.

Note: the list displays all the warehouses present in the system. In case, if the current order has incompatible warehouse and shop specified, the dropdown list will only have the compatible ones active.

Shipment day - the date on the moment of product complectation ending in the shipment warehouse. Or you can specify the date of collecting order by courier.

“Ship” button - you cannot move items to other warehouses after pressing it. If reservation was specified in the order, leftovers write off from warehouses is applied, not possible to turn back. If reservation was not specified and simply warehouses were asigned, order shipment date is fixed after pressing this button.

If “Ship” button is not active - the following conditions are not fulfilled. You can ship if:

  1. the order got shipment warehouse specified
  2. all the not cancelled order items are reserved
  3. all reserved products are situated in the order shipment warehouse ( or are initially reserved there, or moved there after reservation).

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