Features available on Warehouse page are described in this section.

There is possibility to display information on total number of leftover stocks at each warehouse.

For enabling this function it is necessary to activate the "Detailing by stocks in item list" setting. For getting detailed information on leftover stocks the "Reservation of balances goods" setting must be enabled.

Products catalogue

In the first tab Warehouse in Products section there is an items catalogue which was downloaded in the process of eShop or other database-system integration.

This tab contains:

  1. Item filter which works same as order or customer filter. Fields content can be changed similarly to orders, more in Filter content settings;
  2. Item list with different parameters but without pictures, fields content and order can be changed, more, similarly to orders in section Table columns setup.
  3. Line with pagination, number of elements, availability of uploading data to datasheet, similarly to orders and customers, for more information look in Sorting and pagination, Uploading data to datasheet.

Collecting products from warehouses

This tab’s features are closely described in section Logistics.

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